About Aneta

For several years I worked in a large corporation, in various positions and I liked my job very much. However, I felt that we often lose ourselves in everyday activities and care for everyone and everything around us, but very often forget about ourselves.

I have discovered yoga during a very demanding and hard time in my life. Yoga helped me to calmly accept what I have received from fate and deal with it day by day. I have heard before, that yoga has an extraordinary effect on the body and mind and after my first practice, I noticed that this is the truest truth. The practice has given me energy, and most importantly calmed my restless mind! In this way, yoga has settled into my life for good.

I believe that yoga helps to change people's lives, teaches us to be here and now, teaches us to be happy and accept what is happening in our lives. Finally, I  discovered that this is exactly what I want to do in my life. In June I have got the RYT200 certificate, and in October I have completed my knowledge with an additional YIN Yoga course (RYT50). Click here to read more about my story with yoga.

If you want to check what can yoga do for you, I invite you to my classes.

Aneta Luks

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Tuesday (26/02/19) at 18:00