Yoga appeared in my life from time to time, but rather it was a one-time meeting after which I felt that it could be something cool, but amid the enormity of activities and duties, I came to the conclusion that I did not have time for it. After more than

Classical yoga philosophy is based on 5 elements which together help the yogi to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Proper exercise: Asanas Regular and proper exercises have multiple benefits for our whole body. What is most important, it helps the body to stay healthy and young. Asana means a steady

Sivananda yoga is a classic yoga containing all its original elements. It is not only asanas, pranayama and meditation or relaxation, but also the way of thinking, functioning in society, the way we treat others and ourselves. It is a search for the answer to the question: 'who am I'?

Yoga is not about advanced and complicated poses. Yoga helps us to achieve inner stillness. Regular practice teaches us to live life carefully and helps to find out our individual limits, expanding boundaries and gives the possibility of complete relaxation and forgetting about the speeding world. During the practice, it

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