5 points of yoga

5 points of yoga

Classical yoga philosophy is based on 5 elements which together help the yogi to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

  1. Proper exercise: Asanas

    Regular and proper exercises have multiple benefits for our whole body. What is most important, it helps the body to stay healthy and young. Asana means a steady and comfortable posture, held for an amount of time. Regular practice improves the flexibility of your muscles, joints, ligaments and spine. Yoga practice has also a rejuvenating effect caused by the stimulation of the internal organs. At the same time, when practising with awareness, it is a mental exercise in concentration.

  2. Proper breathing: Pranayama

    Our breath is a bridge between the mind and physical body. In our daily life, we breathe too fast and too shallowly causing fatigue, headaches and loss of concentration. Yoga helps us to breathe properly, using the whole capacity of your lungs. According to this, we provide the maximum amount of oxygen to our organs to help them work more effectively and increasing our energy level. To breathe properly we have to be aware and focus on ‘here and now’, what helps us to calm the mind. To do that yogi should practice pranayama - breathing exercises.

  3. Proper relaxation: Savasana

    Every machinery needs rest to work properly, and the same is with our body. In the modern world, we are overstimulated by different triggers like phones, cars, computers etc. In order to get energy back and heal, the body needs to cool down and relax. It means relaxing the whole body, with all 5 senses.

  4. Proper diet: Vegetarian diet

    We are what we eat. Yoga advocates a lacto-vegetarian diet contains pure, simple and natural food which is easy to digest and provide all the necessary nutrients to our body. Due to this yogi increase a life energy (prana). The yogi avoids food obtained by violence and the one which is overly stimulating. The motto ‘Eat to live, not live to eat.’ describes that perfectly.

  5. Positive thinking and meditation

    Last but not least is positive thinking. Meditation helps us to clear the mind of negative thoughts and emotions by using positive affirmations to strengthen self-esteem. Yogi should develop a positive outlook on his life. You can compare your mind to the lake. When the lake is still, you can see everything under the water perfectly. But if the lake is rough, you can not see anything. The same is with our thoughts. When we are able to calm down and control our mind we are able to discover the real ‘Self’.

    Each of those elements is important and practised regularly helps us to develop control over the mind.

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