my story with yoga

My story with yoga

Yoga appeared in my life from time to time, but rather it was a one-time meeting after which I felt that it could be something cool, but amid the enormity of activities and duties, I came to the conclusion that I did not have time for it. After more than 5 years in a large corporation, I decided to follow my heart and I moved to Ireland. The beginning turned out to be very demanding for me because apart from I found myself in a new country, a few hours before departure, I found out that I was seriously sick. This information caused that I started to look for a springboard from my thoughts and fears. I have always been a sporting person and I knew that it helps me.

I have heard before that yoga has an extraordinary effect on the body and mind, and anyone can practice it, so I decided to give it another chance. Already after my first practice, I noticed that this is the truest truth. The practice has given me energy, and most importantly calmed my restless mind! In this way, yoga has settled into my life for good. I started each new day with a practice that positively influenced me for the day.

At some point I came to the conclusion that I want to learn more about it and share its great influence with others, I want to encourage people to try because I know how much I owe it. I finished my teacher training in Arhanta Yoga Ashram what helped me to understand the yoga philosophy and its impact even more. Yoga has influenced every area of my life. I started to eat a healthy, I started to look for positives in everything that happens to me, I started to live slower but more intensively, I learned to listen to my body. I always wanted to do what I love. What makes me happy is meeting other people and practising yoga.

Yoga is an endless path of knowledge for me. I mean both body awareness and mind as well as endless knowledge about how yoga affects people. I love to learn and share knowledge with others. That's why my lessons are incredibly exciting for me! Each of us is different, everyone has different needs and possibilities. Giving classes allows me to use my knowledge and each time modify it according to the current need. I love yoga for flexibility, like the one that affects the body, but even more, for the flexibility of the mind. I love to observe how yoga affects other people, how makes them happy and helps to relax.



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